Yaskawa and PALLETPOD—A Match Made in Automation Heaven

Yaskawa Engines Are Built to Last

When you choose equipment for your facility, you need to be sure that it can get the job done. Machinery automation is the way the industry is leaning—do you have tools that are helping you stay current with modern trends? Without reliable technology in your facility, there’s a minimal chance that you’ll reach the production objectives that you want to reach. That’s where the PALLETPOD comes in. ROI’s high-level compact palletizer specializes in reducing the stress of manual labor on your employees, making heavy duty lifting injuries a thing of the past. Complete with Yaskawa’s high-performing engine durability, the PALLETPOD represents the future of automated technology.

Industry-Leading Equipment Made With Cutting-Edge Engineering

At ROI, we recognize how important it is that we don’t partner with just anyone when it comes to building our machinery. After copious rounds of durability testing, we’ve determined that the engine components from Yaskawa works in conjunction with our PALLETPOD technology more efficiently than any other kind. As the world’s largest manufacturer of AC drives and motion control products, including adjustable frequency drives, servo amplifiers, servo-motors, and machine controllers, Yaskawa is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional engine models that keep our PALLETPOD running with minimal hassle. With 24/7 performance capabilities, you can count on Yaskawa’s engines to power your PALLETPOD for years to come.

The Perfect Tool For Any Facility

What’s the number one sign that a product can be a benefit to your facility? Adaptability. You want a tried and true piece of equipment that stands up to the test, regardless of the kind of usage you demand out of it. With the PALLETPOD’s supremely adaptable features, including End of Arm Tools (EoAT) that can be swapped out seamlessly depending on your workload, you’ll always be in the best position possible to get the results that you need.

Quality Isn’t An Accident

Looking for an indication that your machinery is working like it should be? The more repeatable and predictable your process is, the more likely you are to be on the right track. If you find yourself constantly questioning why you’re getting the results that you’re getting, or wondering where in your process mistakes are being made, it’s time for a reality check: you need new equipment, now. The PALLETPOD doesn’t limit what you can achieve.

Unlike other automated machinery, ROI’s cutting-edge equipment expands the capabilities of your workspace, and allows you to streamline and modernize your process in one fell swoop. Don’t languish behind the industry standard, just because you’re doing things the way that they’ve always been done. Make sure that you’re staying ahead of the curve, and choose a provider that can produce reliable, high-performing technology. Reach out to ROI today, and upgrade the way you work.