Robot Integration

How effective is your current machinery?

Integrate Automated Technology

Production volume is at an all-time high, and it’s not because workers have grown a second set of arms or learned to work at lightening fast speeds. Automation is a critical component of any facility’s strategy for achieving optimal productivity—but how do you integrate new technology into your existing environment without disrupting workflow and sabotaging your budget for the entire year? ROI offers industrial robotic systems integration for facilities looking to improve functionality without sacrificing up-time and bottom-line profits. We work in tandem with your facility to identify what you need to reach peak performance levels, industry-wide safety standards, and long-term stability. Robot integration can improve your plant by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Lowering long-term costs due to the absence of hourly workforce
  • Implementing user-friendly controls that can be handled onsite or remotely
  • Increasing reliability of workload through elimination of problematic manual labor (and the workplace injuries and issues that come with it)
  • Making your space more efficient and less crowded


ROI offers a comprehensive range of unique automated technology, including pallet dispensers, PALLETMATEs, low-level pallet conveyors, gravity feed conveyors, load transfer station, and End of Arm Tooling. We’ve also developed the PALLETPOD product suite, complete with several useful functions that save time, money, and space for your facility. The PALLETPOD includes functions such as:

Streamline Workflow

Every piece of equipment you integrate for your facility should be fully optimized to improve performance without sacrificing quality. With ROI’s high-quality robotic integration services, we can help your plant up the ante when it comes to production and saving money long-term, all while maintaining excellent safety standards and taking up minimal space. PALLETPODs will help you by introducing benefits such as:

  • Eliminating repetitive motion risks, while allowing stacking of square and stable loads to full height minimizing freight costs and employee injuries.
  • Compact, mobile footprint fits into existing tight spaces, typically not taking up any more space than what is currently being used for manual palletizing. Production line reconfiguration is not required because the PALLETPOD offers such a small footprint.
  • Modular flexibility dramatically shortens effort and project times for customers, significantly reducing customers’ use of technical resources.
  • Immediately decrease your costs with a PALLETPOD lease or rental.
  • Online placement between shifts with limited operational disruption, with two-hour initial installation and 30 minutes of training.