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Nationwide Service With A Local Touch

Based out of Durham, North Carolina, ROI doesn’t let where our headquarters is at determine the reach of our service; we’ve helped companies across the country (and for our neighbors to the north, in Canada) identify where they’re falling short with their facility’s equipment, before developing an automated solution designed to transform the way they approach productivity. We offer premium solutions for custom tooling, automation, and robot integration, including:

  • Machine vision
  • Vacuum EoAT
  • Vacuum manipulators
  • Engine stands
  • Compact palletizers
  • PALLETPOD product suite
  • Pallet stackers and dispensers (including our own PALLETMATE)

No Matter where your facility is located, ROI will help you implement the best facility machinery.

How Can ROI Help Your Facility?

With our cutting-edge PALLETPOD product suite and automated technology solutions, ROI can help make your facility operate more efficiently than ever before. Our goal is to streamline your entire business process—with PALLETPOD and our custom-tailored load transfer station options, we can help you do precisely that. PALLETPOD offers unique services including:

About ROI

In a little over a decade, ROI has served over 600 clients with exceptional care and attention to detail. We wouldn’t be where we are today without having delivered quality service for our clients; find out why so companies trust our team to deliver high-quality technology that streamlines productivity and maintains high safety standards, all while keeping operation costs affordable.