Increase productivity without sacrificing productivity with the help of PALLETPOD

Compact Palletizer

Mobile Compact Palletizer

Having trouble compiling pallets at your facility? Upgrade your solution with a PALLETPOD mobile compact palletizer. Relying on service with too many variables can have a negative effect on production; remove the chance of something going wrong with quality-ensured PALLETPODs for your facility.

Palletizer Stretch Wrapping

Mobile Palletizers/In-Process Stretch Wrapping

Maximize performance with a comprehensive 2-in-1 solution from ROI Industries. Single station machines take up less space, increase productivity, and keep capital costs low.

Dual Station Palletizer

Mobile Dual Station Palletizer

Using cutting-edge technology to create a mixed batch of products from two different lines, the mobile dual station palletizer can help streamline the way you operate.

Compact DePalletizer

Mobile Compact De-palletizer

With several high-quality attachments designed to make palletizing and re-palletizing that much simpler, the PALLETPOD with mobile compact de-palletizing technology can make your life easier.