End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT)

How effective is your current machinery?

Update Your Technology

Finding the right tools for your facility is a challenge for a lot of plant managers—lucky for you, ROI is here to help. With custom-tailored End of Arm Tooling (EoAT) options, for use in tandem with the PALLETPOD or other equipment we offer, we have a diverse range of tools designed to optimize your processes. ROI carries EoAT products including custom-tailored Layer Grippers, multi-zone Layer Grippers, vacuum grippers, and other options that fit seamlessly with our PALLETPOD product suite.

Layer Grippers

Designed to significantly improve productivity, the ROI Layer Grippers offer a game-changing tool that allows robots or gantry to descend upon palletized products and rapidly de-palletize, one layer at a time. Using a global vacuum in conjunction with pneumatic clamping, this tool is able to handle a wide variety of products with varying stack patterns and then move product to the next desired location. The ROI Layer Grippers allow facilities to:

  • Transfer layers from one pallet to another
  • Create mixed pallets of products for orders
  • Integrate new equipment or partially automate your existing setup
  • Accommodate varying stack patterns and move them efficiently

Palletizing Bag Grippers

SAS Automation has designed a family of adjustable width bag grippers for palletizing plastic, woven cloth, or paper bags. With adjustment times of less than four minutes, the palletizing bag grips are great for precisely aligning bags on pallets, while the top mounted bag clamps maintain bag position on the tool during robot travel to the pallet.

Vacuum Grippers

Vacuum Grippers allow facilities to implement decisive productivity increases during automated processes. They’re fully-optimized to handle individual workpieces or entire layers, without having to swap out gripper heads. Capable of comprehensive integration into your existing system, they can handle a broad range of loads that you need to sort and palletize.

Where Does PALLETPOD Fit In?

The PALLETPOD product suite is a range of cutting-edge tools designed to help your facility operate at peak performance. Complete with unique features, and capable of incorporating high-quality EoAT solutions, the PALLETPOD is a great way to ramp up production without compromising quality or safety standards. The PALLETPOD offers features including: