How effective is your current palletizing and depalletizing process? ROI’s PALLETPOD is uniquely-equipped to modernize your machinery automation.

Optimize Your Facility For The Future of Palletizing

Finding the right kind of technology for your environment is all about having as deep of an understanding as possible of the processes you manage. If the problems you’re having can be traced back to a lack of workplace efficiency (using your floor space poorly, spending too much time on unnecessary steps, cultivating irrelevant data, etc.), a compact palletizer might be the right choice for your facility. But how can you know for sure?

In this blog post, we’ve identified some steps that you can take and the features that are included with ROI’s PALLETPOD, the industry’s premier automated palletizing solution.

Identify The Criteria

The most critical part of finding a solution is identifying the problem. Does the robotic palletizer you use need to increase the reach of your work environment? Are you having issues improving productivity or repeating complex pallet patterns? Factors such as reach, payload, speed, and number of axes are crucial for understanding just how a robotic pallet dispensing system can be a huge boon for your palletizing and depalletizing process.

Choose A Flexible Solution

A process that’s effective for today’s climate may not make sense in a year or two. How can you be sure that the palletizer you work with can adjust to meet your needs? The more information you have up front about your equipment, the easier it is for your team to make an informed decision and adapt accordingly. Be sure that you’re aware of a product’s unique specifications before installation.

Understand End-Of-Arm Tool Design

In order to achieve high-level production, it’s critical that your automated solution offers a diverse range of end-of-arm tool (EoAT) options. PALLETPOD is the perfect fit for facilities looking to implement a palletizing system that can adjust seamlessly to various product types with high-speed efficiency. With a variety of EoAT attachments, it’s the easiest way to adjust to consumer demands, facility changes, and other fluid factors.

Increase Collaboration

Do you find that your team members are often running into preventable issues? Whether your miscommunications are resulting in empty pallets or missed order fulfillment, you need to be using equipment that fosters collaboration.

ROI’s PALLETPOD is a great way to increase communication across your entire system without actually increasing the amount of work that your team members have to complete. Robotic palletizing solutions offer improved data collection and come with features that allow for useful real-time data sharing.

Integration Is Everything

You might have found the perfect solution for your environment, but that solution won’t be worth a thing if it’s not installed correctly. ROI takes care of every part of your process from installation and maintenance to implementing crucial system updates. When we install PALLETPOD in your facility, you’ll be able to hit the ground running with a seamless transition period.

If you’re ready to step into the future of palletizing, reach out to ROI today for more information on how PALLETPOD can revolutionize the way that you work.