The Role of Automation in Small Business

Five ways workplace automation helps spike production line efficiency and improvements on the ground level.
Automation isn’t necessarily groundbreaking, but even though the technology has been around for several years, it’s growing more prevalent across the manufacturing industry. Many manufacturers are bringing high-level machinery indoors to help expedite different parts of the production process—and it’s not just the big corporations. Small manufacturers find tremendous value in automating production. Not only do these resources help accelerate labor-intensive tasks, but they play a crucial role in streamlining all other aspects of the supply chain. The best part? The investment comes with virtually no financial strain.

In this blog, we highlight some of the main advantages of pallet automation systems. From deployment to financing, we walk you through everything your business should know.

Why Automation Is Important for Small Business Production Lines

1. Automation Creates a Faster, Cleaner, and Safer Process

Automation can perform things most humans can’t naturally do on their own. Whether it’s moving products or screening inventory, these machines are programmed to simplify the tough tasks that would otherwise take hours to complete. And unlike manual operations, automated systems aren’t subject to human error. The equipment does all the heavy lifting ceaselessly and efficiently, which helps get products out the door in a cleaner and safer way.

2. Automation Creates New Capabilities

Mobility is one of the strongest features in most forms of modern automation. Administrators can adjust a machine’s programming from virtually any physical location. Manufacturers can set different demands for a variety of different product lines without having to go through an expensive and time-consuming refitting process. Pallet automation systems come with a user-friendly interface, which makes it easier for operators to adjust mechanical settings.

3. Automation Is Our New Normal

It’s also the way of the future. Manufacturing facilities are growing heavily dependent on robotic integration, one of the most prominent features built into modern warehouse automation systems. And the need is only getting more attractive by the day. When organizations are growing, they take in a higher influx of orders. The only sustainable way to keep up with demand is by hiring more people or adopting the right machinery, and the second option is usually the easier route to take.

By bringing automation into your facility, you don’t have to worry about training or budgeting payouts for new staff members. This gives you more time, money, and energy to invest in areas of the business that could use more help. Automated machinery can fit into any environment seamlessly and make an immediate impact. If you’re overwhelmed with the backend of your production line, these resources can help take the brunt of the work to help create a faster, smoother process.

4. Automation Turns ROI

While the initial investment is expensive upfront, the extra cost is well worth the payoff. By investing in the right automation solutions, you gain a more efficient way to control product movements, which helps fulfill orders seamlessly. Over time, this will help you turn more profit at a much faster rate.

5. Automation Is Easy to Finance

Securing an automated future is impossible without the right financial strategy. The only question is how do you afford this technology upfront? When it comes to financing, there are many affordable possibilities, especially for small operations and early startups. Consider taking advantage of a 504 loan from the Small Business Administration (SBA). With an SBA loan, you have at least 10 years of financial support. Each loan has a fixed rate of 10-25 year terms. With the ROI you get from your automated process, you shouldn’t have any problems paying back everything in full sooner than expected.

Decrease Your Cost of Production

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