Create a Virus-Resistant Facility With Packaging Automation

Improve Warehouse Efficiency and Employee Safety by Prioritizing Pallet Automation in Your Pandemic Preparedness Plan
How did your facility respond when coronavirus took full effect? Everything happened so fast. Once people started getting sick, the economy immediately plummeted. Fortunately, many companies have managed to stay afloat, which has kept the supply chain alive. Right now, it’s great to have a steady flow of orders coming in, but the hard part is actually fulfilling them. What’s the safest, most efficient way to move products in and out of the facility?

In this blog, we discuss what the proper virus response plan looks like. Not only do we break down three essential steps for creating a safer, more efficient warehouse operation, but we also shine a light on what the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is doing to combat the effects of the pandemic.

Pandemic Preparedness Plans for Manufacturing Facilities

Clean and Disinfect

The key to maintaining a safe workplace begins with proper cleanliness. Promote excessive cleaning throughout the entire facility. Mop, spray, and scrub every floor space, especially areas that absorb the most daily traffic. Whether it’s inventory, machinery, door handles, light switches, or even a keyboard, it’s vital to disinfect anything you make contact with. Supply enough sanitizing solution and keep it within easy reach. And after each task, make sure wipe down all equipment thoroughly.

For best results, study OSHA’s guidelines and keep a hard copy of a cleaning checklist printed at every workstation.

Create a Pallet Automation Strategy

The easiest way to prevent injury or illness is to ease up on labor by automating your workforce as much as possible. Adopt automation software for your material-handling efforts. This technology not only handles the heavy lifting, but it limits an employee’s contact with inventory, packaging, and anything else that may carry a virus. Remember, automation doesn’t replace people. You still need someone operating the machinery, but there’s less exposure to danger than if you were to handle everything manually.

Flexible package handlers are some of the most important tools to have, especially in the midst of a pandemic as severe as COVID-19. Since this solution takes on the brunt of the work, it helps keep you away from frontline dangers. Find a multi-purpose pallet automation system that accommodates for various assignments such as inventory control and pallet shuffling.

What are some of the best options to consider? Start with a PalletPOD solution.

Bring ROI’s PalletPOD to Your Workforce

When it comes to workforce automation, PalletPOD offers the perfect blend of safety, efficiency, and reliability. This line of machinery can be customized to align with any supply chain operation. Whether it’s a large or small task, you have a solution that can solve all your problems. All options are ideally suited to help you reach your project’s goals:

  • Pallet dispensers
  • Pallet stackers and dispensers
  • Low-level pallet conveyors
  • Gravity feed conveyors
  • Load transferring systems
  • Robot integrations
  • End of arm tooling (EOAT)

Virus-Response Benefits:

PalletPOD is instrumental in keeping operations virus-resistant. With this technology, you don’t have to worry about human error and safety disruptions. All equipment is easy to maintain and can be programmed to fulfill any meticulous activity. This gives you more time and energy to focus on what’s most important—enforcing standards that protect the health and well-being of your employees. Right now, PalletPOD’s two most helpful features include:

  • Labor Reduction: Right now, it’s vital to keep people away from labor-intensive situations. Reduce manual labor and cut down on the risk of workplace injury and illnesses with an automated pallet-handling process. Each application is programmed to streamline all areas of production, including product movement, packaging, and distribution.
  • Social Distancing: PalletPOD helps space the floor. By installing an automation system, you don’t have to build a closely contained labor unit. The only thing that will make contact with the product is the technology. This helps limit exposure to airborne dangers and the spread of germs. Just program your system to fulfill the appropriate activity and focus on keeping your space.

Maintain a Safe Working Environment

Ready to get your facility back to optimal shape? ROI is prepared to restore your peace of mind. Choose the right tools that will help your supply chain prosper. Contact us to learn more about PalletPOD and any of our other safe material-handling solutions.

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