PalletPOD: Driving Industry-Wide Innovation

Setting the Industry Standard

At ROI Industries, we’re always looking to set the bar high for others in our industry to follow. That’s why it meant so much to us when our own PalletPOD product line was recognized by Manufacturing Technology Insights, one of the leading news outlets and resources in the manufacturing industry. In their piece detailing how our cutting-edge solutions are disrupting and furthering the robotic automation field, they were quick to emphasize what kind of noise the PalletPOD is making on an industry-wide level: “Every era boasts a flagship product that pioneered innovation and revolutionized productivity. In the Industrial Revolution it was the cotton gin. In today’s age of industrial automation and robotic solutions, that product could be PalletPOD by ROI Industries, Group, Inc.” Workplace automation is rapidly becoming more and more commonplace, and we want our product to be as heavily incorporated into the future of work as possible.

How Can the PalletPOD Help My Company?

The more efficient your machinery is, the easier it is to deliver exceptional results. The PalletPOD offers a high-functioning, adaptable solution to problems that are so often tackled with outdated technology. With a simple user interface and adjustable automation tools, it’s the easiest way to open up a broad range of possibilities for your facility. Manufacturing Technology Insights writes, “The PalletPOD’s expanding range of innovations, including single and dual station palletizers, stretch-wrapping palletizers, and depalletizers, make it a multi-dimensional product line.” You shouldn’t install technology that doesn’t actively improve the way you operate; with the PalletPOD, you’re guaranteed access to automation technology that simplifies repetitive tasks without the added complications associated with human workers.

Avoid Unnecessary Errors

Just because you’ve relied on human workers in the past doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right choice moving forward. With high-quality machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) available to your facility with PalletPOD, you can minimize the chances of enduring commonplace issues normally associated with regular employees. According to our president, Kevin Saylor, with PalletPOD “there’s no overtime, no absenteeism, no drug screening…” and no reason to put a stop to operations because of avoidable circumstances. If you put all of your eggs in one basket, it’s that much harder to adjust when things change. If that basket is severely limited by things like workplace injuries, sick days, and other responsibilities that pull them away from their primary job, you run the risk of setting your whole facility back.

Make Your Life Easier With ROI

Don’t settle for technology that doesn’t actively simplify your operations. At ROI, we’ve customized the PalletPOD for clients with unique needs, and are confident that we can do the same for your facility. “From sticking pallets to making it simple, economical, and quick to bring automation on line, PalletPOD does all the heavy lifting.” Shouldn’t that be how your automated technology works? To find out how we can deliver the robotic solution you need to hit all of your business objectives, reach out to our team today.