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RFH-4000 Fixed Height Rotating Stand, Max Weight 4,000 lbs: Our PowerStand is capable of rotating an engine stand fully around. This design has ergonomic push-button controls and allows one operator to rotate an engine to the desired orientation for maintenance, assembly, dis-assembly, etc.

RAH-4000 Adjustable Height Rotating Stand, Max Weight 4,000 lbs: Our Rotating engine stands can also be equipped with powered, 18″ vertical travel. This allows the 3000lb Mack Truck Engine to be both rotate and lifted to the desired height the technician is looking for.

RAH-8000 Adjustable Height Rotating Stand, Max Weight 8000 lbs: Our largest PowerStand has the ability to fully lift and rotate an engine up to 8000 lbs that is bolted to the front mounting plate. It has 31″ of powered vertical travel  accomplished using an integrated 5 ton hoist.

RAH-4500-M Adjustable Height Rotating Stand on Mobile Base, Max Weight 4000 lbs: Our mobile engine stand has a 4000 lb capacity and 18″ vertical travel. We can rotate anything!

Amtrak Truck-Half Rotating Stand: Born from the need to rotate giant 1200 lb “Truck Halves”, we created this powerful rotating stand. This is a push-button stand and free-turning engine stand, that allows a fork truck to load a truck half and then rotate it in either direction to achieve the desired orientation for rebuilds or repairs.


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