End of Arm Tooling Customizations

The PALLETPOD makes palletizing easy, affordable, and workspace efficient. It comes complete with cutting edge technology made to optimize facility operations and production. For odd jobs, the PALLETPOD has been designed to work in tandem with end of arm tooling (EoAT) customizations.

The Various Applications of End of Arm Tooling

Finding the right tool for every task is hard, and sometimes you have to improvise because standard tools aren’t well suited for the job at hand. This is especially the case when it comes to manufacturing. Manufacturing robots, in particular, need specific EoAT devices that will allow them to perform any task given to them. This often results in the need for custom-made EoAT tools.

What is an EoAT?

EoAT devices are tools that are attached at the end of a robotic arm. You can think of them as the robot’s hands. An EoAT allows a robot to interact with products in different ways that affect the manufacturing process. For example, an EoAT gripper may use suction cups to grab onto a product and transfer it to another location.

PALLETPODs and EoAT Customizations

Some tasks will require unique solutions, and that’s why the PALLETPOD is designed to work in tandem with custom-designed EoAT tools. ROI makes a wide range of robotic EoAT solutions that can be easily swapped out and work right out of the box. In addition, if you have a task that can’t be done with a standard EoAT tool, you can reach out to ROI for a solution. Whatever new tool we create for you, it will work seamlessly with the PALLETPOD.

Different Types of EoAT

ROI offers a variety of EoAT tools that can be used for various purposes. Some of these devices include multi-zone layer grippers, palletizing bag grippers, and vacuum grippers. If you need something unique, you can inquire about possible customizations, and ROI will work with you to create a solution.

  • Layer Gripper: Perfect for rapid depalletization, the multi-zone layer gripper uses vacuum pumps and pneumatic clamping to unwrap pallets one layer at a time.

  • Palletizing Bag Gripper: This tool is a bag gripper that can be adjusted depending on the width of the bag. It works with materials such as plastic, woven cloth, and paper.

  • Vacuum Gripper: The vacuum gripper is a fully optimized solution made to handle individual pieces or entire layers. It can also handle a broad range of loads without the need to be swapped out for other grippers.

Optimize Your Workflow

At ROI, we specialize in custom-made EoAT devices. Our team designs and builds a variety of these tools to optimize your processes and workflows. They’re also made specifically to fit seamlessly with our suite of PALLETPOD products. If you’d like to learn more about EoAT, the benefits of PALLETPOD, or our other services, give us a call today!