2019 Manufacturing Trends

Keep An Eye On These Industry Trends

Curious about what the future holds for your facility? Don’t let industry trends pass you by. Part of preparing your company for success means staying current with new tools, software, and other changes hitting the market. The more efficiently you adapt to new developments, the easier it’ll be for your facility to hit the ground running in the new year.

It’s important that before you implement new solutions, you take stock of what specific parts of your facility need fine-tuning. Can you maximize your floor space? Do you need to identify a cost-effective solution? How would workforce automation tools help you perform at a higher level? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself moving forward.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss which trends are taking the manufacturing industry by storm in 2019 and what you can do to give your company the best chance of success for years to come.

Intelligent Manufacturing

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; if you can’t effectively incorporate meaningful technology into your operations, you run the risk of giving your competitors an edge. For industrial production companies or warehouse logistics facilities, intelligent manufacturing is one of the more effective ways to improve communication, simplify production, and increase the quality of your service. An interconnected ecosystem that readily allows collaboration is a perfect solution for any facility looking to modernize the way they work.

Data Utilization

There’s no better way to get to the root of a recurring issue than by analyzing your processes. Every day that your team works in your facility, new data is produced. How effectively you cultivate it and what you ultimately do with it plays an enormous role in refining your workflow.


Effective integration of artificial intelligence into your facility is critical for maintaining positive workflow, increasing safety, and reducing ongoing costs. ROI’s PALLETPOD represents the next step forward in the industry for effective automation, and it can be uniquely configured to your facility. Whether that means optimizing our equipment for your space or adding end-of-arm tools (EoAT) that suit your process, PALLETPOD is the perfect automated solution for your company.

Where Does ROI Fit In?

At ROI, we’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning our service offering to give our clients the right product to take them into the 21st century of palletizing. With PALLETPOD, you gain a compact palletizer that’s configured for the exact tasks you need it to complete. If you need a way to replace human workers and manual palletizing, it’s the number one tool that you should look into installing for your facility.

Don’t let industry trends pass your facility by. With a wide range of capabilities and a cost-effective operating cost, the PALLETPOD is one equipment investment everyone should make in 2019.