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Open Case Handling: PalletPOD is capable of handling untaped cases or malfunctioning cases. This is accomplished using a different End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) attachment. This process works efficiently without damaging the cases.

Quick Change Tooling: The quick change attachment provides an increase in productivity by efficiently and effectively changing the different EOAT that is attached to the PalletPOD. This allows an increased variation in the functionality of the system between differing operations.

Large Case Handling: PalletPOD is capable of gripping cases up to 24″ x 24″ x 24.” The system is also capable of lifting up to 120 lbs in one stack and stacking them on the pallet. Once completed the system can eject the fully loaded Pallet and automatically reload the PalletPOD for a new stack. This allows for increased productivity even with the largest of cases.

Pallet Management: PalletPOD is capable of ejecting a pallet from a system and seamlessly reloading the system with a fresh, unstacked pallet. This process requires no manual interaction.

Automatic Pallet HandlingPalletPOD is capable of ejecting a pallet once it has reached capacity and reloading the system with a new pallet. This function requires no operator interaction and increases productivity due to minimal downtime between pallet loading and stacking.

4 Box Pick: PalletPOD is capable of picking four or more boxes at the same time. Utilizing the Vacuum EOAT Grippers, this process increases productivity and workflow.

Dynamic EOAT Picking: PalletPOD can be programmed to pick a variable number of cases at a time as well as place them spaced out on a pallet. This process can be done in a sequential manner, meaning the numbers do not need to be consecutive. (eg: 2 boxes, 3 boxes, 2 boxes).


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