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Mobile Dual Station Palletizers and Depalletizers

Streamline productivity for multiple pallets with PALLETPOD


Increase Productivity, Keep Your Budget

How Efficient Is Your Line?

Optimizing a palletizer is already tricky enough if you’re relying on manual labor or a rudimentary robotic option. When you have to incorporate two unique lines and create a mixed batch of products, whether it involves stacking pallets by color, product, or an alternative category, it only adds to the headache. If you are constantly running into issues with your palletizing, it’s time to start using PALLETPOD’s Mobile Dual Station Palletizer. Complete with End of Arm Tooling (EoAT) that cohesively stacks products from two Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), the PALLETPOD will adapt to your specific production requirements, helping your entire plant run more smoothly. The Mobile Dual Station Palletizer can help you:

  • Replace problematic labor by eliminating repetitive motion risks and common workplace injuries that befall workers that specialize in palletizing.
  • Reduce your footprint regarding energy efficiency and plant space, so that you take up less room and cause less harm to the environment with one, user-friendly, efficient machine.
  • Increase production by simultaneously organizing pallets from different lines.
  • Decrease long-term operation costs, due to fewer wages paid to manual laborers and less resources needed to complete a project.

Make Production Easier

Time and time again, we hear our clients lamenting the same sort of issues—their workers were injured and can’t operate at the same capacity; they’re running out of space in their warehouse; they’re producing at a slower rate and higher cost than they need to be. At ROI, our job is to make sure that you have all of the tools and resources that you need to optimize the workflow at your plant and produce at a high-volume without driving up costs. With PALLETPOD, you’ll be able to pallet specific lines more efficiently than ever before. ROI’s product line poses a solution for problems including:

  • High-cost, high-risk manual labor—palletizing jobs are notoriously difficult to fill, and turnover and absenteeism are increasingly common.
  • High-density facilities with minimal room for new equipment and safe production.
  • Costly equipment that requires twice as much energy and resources to do one singular task.

Increase Productivity

Every solution we offer for our clients is geared toward making their lives easier; no more languishing behind industry standards with outdated equipment. We want to streamline your space and make performing at a high level more attainable than ever. To find out how our cutting-edge technology can optimize your workspace, reach out to our team today.

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