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Mobile Compact Depalletizers

Streamline your plant’s workflow with ROI’s PALLETPOD

Minimize Risk & Maximize Production

One Piece Of Equipment = Multiple Jobs

When it comes to taking care of multiple functions for palletizing, most facilities rely on several specific pieces of equipment. Rather than forcing you to look after a myriad of machines in your warehouse, ROI wants to make your life easier. Remove the complications from your day-to-day operations with the PALLETPOD—equipped with a Mobile Compact Depalletizer add-on, the PALLETPOD offers a single-station alternative to overcrowded, expensive equipment. With the ability to function as a dedicated tool or as an add-on, the Depalletizer offers End of Arm Tooling (EoAT) including a dispenser, tool changer, clamping system, and vacuum gripper. At ROI, all of our equipment is geared toward providing facility managers with a cost-effective, production-friendly solution for all of their pallet needs. The PALLETPOD offers several benefits, including:

  • Problematic labor replacement by eliminating repetitive motion risks, while allowing the stacking of squad and stable loads to full height, minimizing freight costs.
  • A compact, mobile footprint fits into your existing tight spaces, typically not taking up any more space than what is currently being used for manual palletizing. Production line reconfiguration is not required when implementing a PALLETPOD.
  • Modular flexibility dramatically shortens physical effort and project times for customers, significantly reducing customers’ use of technical resources.
  • Immediately lower costs with a PALLETPOD lease or rental option.
  • Online placement between shifts with limited operational disruption. Get two-hour initial installation time and 30 minutes of training.

Optimize Your Facility

When it comes to running a functional process, you need equipment that can get the job done. No more wasting time with machinery that has a single function, taking up more floor space and capital.

With ROI, we’ve optimized the PALLETPOD to deliver everything you’re looking for in a palletizing and depalletizing machine. We’re tired of hearing our customers come to us with the same problems—that’s why we built a solution for them that puts them in a better position to deliver exceptional, high-quality results without going over-budget. PALLETPOD helps facilities avoid problems including:

  • Cost-inefficient manual labor that allows injury, paid time off (PTO), and other factors to compromise productivity.
  • Spacing issues, including a machine-dense workspace that prohibits workflow and causes accidents.
  • Slow production times stemming from outdated machinery performing specific functions.


Make sure that you’re getting the most out of your machinery with an accommodating suite of options from PALLETPOD. Reach out to ROI today, and find out how we can revolutionize the workflow for your plant.

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