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Introducing PalletPOD

Stop worrying about the expense from having to hire, rehire and re-train workers to do the work that a PALLETPOD can do for you. Generate a positive ROI for your business through Palletizing automation!

Eliminate the costly variables in your workflow!

Less Hiring and Re-Hiring

Plug and Play Automation

Improve Worker Safety


 Provides you with the versatility that your business needs in order to complete the task at hand. Check out the different features that the PALLETPOD can provide for your business.

Mobile Compact Palletizers

Having trouble compiling pallets at your facility? Upgrade your solution with a PALLETPOD mobile compact palletizer. Remove the chance of something going wrong with quality-ensured PALLETPODs.

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Mobile Stretch-Wrapping Palletizers

Maximize performance with a comprehensive 2-in-1 solution from ROI Industries. Single station machines take up less space, increase productivity, and keep capital costs low.

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Mobile Dual Station Palletizers and Depalletizers

Using cutting-edge technology to create a mixed batch of products from two different lines, the mobile dual station palletizer can help streamline the way you operate.

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Mobile Compact Depalletizers

With several high-quality attachments designed to make palletizing and re-palletizing that much simpler, the PALLETPOD with mobile compact de-palletizing technology can make your life easier.

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